All Risk Coverage for your valuable freight, only with Al Nas Skyline . Al Nas Skyline air cargo insurance is a type of policy that protects a buyer or seller of goods that are being transported through the air. It reimburses the insured for items that are damaged, destroyed, or lost and, in some cases, may even offer compensation for shipment delays.

Our cargo and logistics team utilizes the latest technology and risk management strategies to develop insurance programs that cover the entire supply chain. Our aim is to provide you with greater risk understanding, visibility, and protection of your cargo shipments.

The cargo and logistics industry is undergoing a huge transformation. As a result of the pandemic, integration of the logistics and transportation industry has accelerated. Digitization and customer expectations are driving existing industry stakeholders and new entrants to seek greater speed and control of end-to-end product delivery.

We continually innovate insurance programs with digital solutions, data and analytics, facilities, and risk management services. And through our integrated claims management services, we help you reduce costs and improve claims recoveries.We serve businesses of all sizes from multinational owners of product to small parcel companies, as well as global logistics providers. We have the scale, scope, and market presence to help you manage and mitigate your risks across the supply chain.

  • Air cargo insurance protects a buyer or seller of goods being transported through the air from damage, loss, and, in some cases, even shipment delays.
  • Most air freight companies provide a minimum amount of insurance for all freight, known as carrier liability, although such coverage is typically scant.
  • Consequently, many big shipping companies seek out additional protection, offered by insurance companies, freight forwarders, and trade-service intermediaries.
  • Air cargo insurance premiums vary based on the level of coverage, value, and nature of the insured items; where they are being transported; and the route they take.
  • Most air cargo insurance policies offer partial coverage, which may only reimburse 60% of the inventory value, but there are more comprehensive packages available.
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